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2016 R.I.P.E. Senior Care Resource Guide coming soon!

Resources for seniors, caregivers and case managers

This is your personal planning assistant for senior care services. It is designed to make it easier to plan care for those 55 and older. Inside you'll find information about active lifestyles, medical care providers, tips for staying active, care at home and away from home and much more. 


We look forward to hearing your feedback so that each issue of R.I.P.E. Senior Care Resources is the most comprehensive guide of its type in South Mississippi.

This book was inspired by the annual Resources, Information, Planning for the Elderly conference and expo. The Resources Guide is intended to be an extension of the conference, which has been very successfully held for six years.


All the best,

Kearn Cherry & Dorothy Wilson


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Health Trends & Treatments

Alzheimers on rise 12

Cataract surgeries common 14

Managing neck and back pain 16



Financial Planning

Finding the money for care 61

When to talk 62

Social Security 64

Medicare/Medicaid 65

Worst time to plan a funeral 66

Funeral planning checklist 67

Selecting insurance 68



Power of attorney 71

Steps to involuntary commitment 72


5 things to know when turning 65 19

Keep going, stay healthy 20

Volunteering 21

Adopt your new best friend 22

Golf courses 24

Parks & recreation 26

Community centers 27

Sitter services 28

Choosing a caregiver 30

Handling dimentia behavior 32

Nursing homes A to Z 33

Nursing home checklist 35

Nursing homes 38

Retirement communities 43

Choosing a nursing home 45

When a person is no longer safe at home 47

Housing options 49

Definitions you need to know 51

Home health services 53

Terminal diagnoses 54

Hospice services 54

Personal care homes 56

Caregivers need care, too 59



Tips to reduce winter power bills 75

Utilities/Transportation 77

Education 78

WIN Job Centers 78

Food/meals 79

Blood banks 80 

Mental health services 82

Hospitals 81 

Senior centers/ senior services 83

Substance abuse/addition services 84

Clinics 84

Support groups 86 

Utilities/ Taxes 86

Veterans affairs 87

Durable Medical Equipment 88



Current medications 90

Living will declaration 91

Important contacts 92

Emergency numbers 94

Hurricane shelters 81

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